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Company profile

Chemtronics Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., manufacturer, exporter and technological solution providing company, was established in Mumbai the commercial capital of India in 2004. Since the establishment of the company, our business has become more and more prosperous and the production lines have extended rapidly. Based on the consideration of future growth, we have moved our production lines to Pune and increased our investment there in setting up a new factory. Only our business department is still located in Mumbai.
50 years of rich experience in advance technology in electronics & aeronautical engineering, is the core of the company.

Introduction of microcontroller base Programmed Logic Controller (PLC) in the water treatment industries reduces the operational complications & provides complete automation.

Business Philosophy : -

Innovation, Harmony, and Excellence, Chemtronics has always placed customer satisfaction as the top priority. In addition, constant improvements of processing, emphasis on production flexibility and productivity, and enhancement of production efficiency are how Chemtronics substantiates the above beliefs. Detailed efforts include establishing a complete management support system, a precise and accurate inventory management policy, enhancing business operation efficiency and the decision making process by systemized information technology, coordinating goals and actions, and creating a business with vision and insight.

Chemtronics set off globalization on both sides across the strait by focusing on R&D of technology and cultivation of talent; Chemtronics respects and protects intellectual properties as well as participates in industrial specialists' associations, for effective utilization of resources so as to uplift the core competitiveness.
Chemtronics C Cultural Foundation was founded to give back to society and offer care for cultures. Events featured with various topics of arts and literature are hosted accordingly as services to the public to promote humanism, accompanied by other initiatives to care for society, cultivate potential talents, advance cultural infrastructure, and sponsor scholarships. By doing so, Chemtronics has been contributing what it has benefited from society back to society, which speaks for its business ethnics and enriches its corporate culture.

Trustworthy Trust has been Chemtronics's principle to serve all customers, from whom it expects to receive the highest degree of satisfaction

Chemtronics aims to shape a working environment filled with comfort, elegance, and harmony in which its employees identify with the company, taking delight in work, growing with the company, and eventually enjoying the realization of both corporate and personal dreams.

class model of an extraordinary enterprise, Chemtronics endeavors to enhance competitive advantages through dedicated professional technologies and satisfy diversified requirements of its customers.

Chemtronics pursues excellent quality and provides high-quality products that meet the requirements of all customers through incessant processes and technological improvements,

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